Tribeca Might Get Its Own A-List “Halfway House”


The Real Deal says that Hazelden, the renowned, Minnesoate-based addiction clinic, is eyeing a $10 million spot in a Tribeca condominium on West Broadway. Finally, New York’s celebrity alkies and drug addicts can get clean in the kind of luxury their fame affords!

The six-story property has been in foreclosure since 2009, but the developer is trying to unload the property, which will be turned “into a sober residential facility with multiple beds, along with some treatment.”
The Real Deal says Hazelden officials have already met with the state’s local Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, but haven’t yet submitted a “formal application” for the facility.
Hazelden already operates a treatment clinic in Chelsea, and has contacted local community board officials about appearing before the committee. (Which, depending on how thrilled stroller-pushing Tribeca residents are about having a six-story, alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility in their neighborhood, should be… an exciting meeting, as far as community board hearings go.)
The Observer, meanwhile, has some ideas about how the ‘hood might react:
The $10 million deal is not yet done, but it will be interesting to see what the neighbors think. When halfway houses and methadone clinics comes to outer-borough neighborhoods, as is often the case, there is plenty of local outcry. What about in one of the city’s toniest corners? It would be more equitable not to warehouse addicts only in poor neighborhoods, but also all the more controversial.
Then again, just a block south of Canal, the center will be on the border of Soho and Tribeca, notorious celeb haunts. Perhaps this will become a happy alternative to Thai monasteries for the likes of Lilo and TKTKanother debauched NY celebTKTK.
In any case, Hazelden might be known for its no-nonsense approach to substance abuse detox, but — judging from its alumni — its Tribeca neighbors won’t have to worry about too many “undesirables” in their hoity-toity neighborhood. After all, some of the clinic’s former patients include such well-known names as Liza Minnelli, Calvin Klein, Chris Farley, Robin Williams, and James Frey.