Zagat’s Food Truck Finder Eliminates Angst of Searching for Lunch


Food trucks might be in jeopardy, but one thing helping keep business alive is Zagat’s Food Truck Finder.

Although it’s still in beta, Zagat’s site already has 33 different food trucks identified and pinpoints them on a map, giving users both the Zagat ratings and a real-time location and duration of activity. Trucks include the usual suspects, like Schnitzel & Things, Treats Truck, and Dessert Truck, but also includes some lesser-known movable feasts, like the Souvlaki Truck, La Cense Beef Burger, and Kelvin Natural Slush Co. It also contains links to the trucks’ Twitter and Facebook pages.

It’s not a perfect site (it takes a few minutes to figure out where to click for the trucks’ locations and the new and beloved Taïm Mobile isn’t listed), but it’s a lot more convenient than the similar website or scanning through Twitter to follow your favorite trucks. Now, if only there was a site where you could request a truck to come to you.