Bernie Madoff Distraught Over Son’s Suicide, Pissed at Family, According to Inmate


The New York Post spares no vitriol in their Saturday report about Bernie Madoff’s reaction to the suicide of his son Mark. “Now he knows how it feels,” the article begins. One inmate describes Madoff as appearing “like someone had shot him in the stomach” when he found out. “No one was messing with him. They knew what had happened.” Madoff was allegedly despondent for days, not taking the trip to the “chow hall” or speaking to anyone. When he finally returned to his regular routine, according to the Post‘s anonymous jailbird source, he was mostly just mad at his family for failing to visit. They, in turn, are not so happy with him.

More anonymous speculation from Madoff’s jail buddies, via the Post:

The ex-con said he has since learned that Bernie was steamed that neither Ruth nor any other family members had been to the prison to grieve with him.

“He’s upset that his wife hasn’t come down to see him because of [her] fears that the media is at the prison, and that she’ll be harassed,” he said.

“He thinks the family is trying to avoid the media.”

Meanwhile, Ruth Maddof blames Bernie for Mark’s death, according to the Post‘s info from Madoff biographer Jerry Oppenheimer. Dark.

Inmate tells of Madoff’s anguish at son’s suicide