Silly Bandz Are So Over; Sales Way, Way Down


“Kids move on to the next fad,” Captain Obvious told USA Today, but in the case of Silly Bandz — the wild rubber bands that make a shape when you take them off, loved by kids and awkward adults alike — the drop off in their popularity has been precipitous. The toy expert went on to say that because they’re now so readily available, no one wants Silly Bandz. At some point, the practically disposable bracelets hit $200 million in sales; those days are over.

Some stores, which once sold the Bandz for $5 a pack are slashing prices for the holidays, offering 5 packs for $5. “I don’t want to see another Silly Bandz,” said one shop owner, who could hardly give the things away with a 2-for-1 deal. More sad news from USA Today:

7-Eleven has seen a 97% drop in bands sales since the peak in early May, spokeswoman Margaret Chabris says. Only 25% of 7-Elevens now sell them vs. 72% in May.

But look on the bright side: they’re already ironic!

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