47 Separate Checks: A Restaurant Nightmare Before Christmas


Picture this: 47 guests, no reservations, and a request to split the bill 47 ways. Server Not Servant has the shocking account of how one restaurant catered to a growing group of students out celebrating the end of semester. The last guest showed up 45 minutes after the first and orders were being tossed around like peanuts at a circus, but the staff buckled down and the meal went about as smoothly as can be expected. Then came the request: “47 separate checks, please.” Oh, and did we mention most of the customers had Groupons they wished to use with each check?

So, the question is, should the request have been granted? (It was: 32 credit cards were processed, and the rest decided to pay cash.)

Most diners with any common sense and decency would agree that this offense in restaurant etiquette was egregious. But, with so many restaurants that don’t accept credit cards at all these days, other (pettier) diners might see it as some sort of delicious payback.

What do you think?