Man Busted With 513 Pounds of Pot After Running Red Light


It really is all about the little things. For example, when you have 513 pounds of marijiuana in your minivan, don’t run a red light. Make sure you signal properly. And, definitely don’t run from the cops — they hate that. These are all lessons we can learn from Clement Hunter, a 30-year-old Queens man who drove his Dodge Caravan down a dead-end street during a police chase that ended in cops discovering 513 pounds of pot in his minivan.

Cops finally caught Hunter after he ditched his vehicle and was attempting to scale a fence. That’s when they found the weed — in “large, plastic-wrapped blocks” — in the back of the minivan, hence his urgent need to depart.

Hunter is being charged with 50 counts of criminal possession of marijuana, reports the Wall Street Journal, plus a number of other charges, including fleeing police, reckless endangerment, and possession of stolen property. (The van was a rental and his name wasn’t even on the agreement.) The devil is in the details.