Robert Durst’s Niece: A Shocking Revelation


Robert Durst is the guy who may have been responsible for three killings, but he only got penalized for disposing of a corpse (rather than for the really bad drag he was hiding out in at one point).

I haven’t told the following info in public, but let me reveal it now that All Good Things is out, about Durst’s antics.

(I love a good movie tie-in.)

Anyway: I know his niece.

Four years ago, a longtime friend of mine who was suffering with AIDS asked me to have dinner with himself and the Durst niece because she had generously become his caretaker.

The woman not only was shelling over big money to help my friend pay his medical bills, but she was a hands-on carer for him, visiting all the time and painstakingly making sure his immediate needs were fulfilled.

They adored each other!

So during our dinner, I was nice enough to never say, “So, did your uncle kill your aunt?”

I just accepted the fact that this was a separate individual who appeared to be channeling as much positivity as possible to get out of the potential horror of her indirect background.

So don’t always assume. Except in the case of Nicholas Brooks!