Tonight: Voice Writers Spin Holiday Rap At Gallery Bar


Yes, this holiday hip-hop happy hour-themed party thrown by none other than our own nightlife correspondent Puja Patel is called “I Got Ho’s,” and yes guest DJ and SOTC stalwart Christopher R. Weingarten has threatened to play a solid hour’s worth of Christmas-themed rap (not to mention Insane Clown Posse), but I guess we all deal with the holidays in our own way, right? Props also to Puja for fitting four separate snowmen onto one flyer, though shouldn’t that be Young Jeezy wearing the sweater, not Snoop?

Also featuring, we’d be remiss not to mention, Austin’s Prince Klassen, Mike Famous, and Skinny Friedman, the dude whose extensive back catalog of old Dipset hopefully means he’ll someday be DJing our wedding, after we meet our future wife at this awesome party. 7-11, 120 Orchard Street, free, candy and cookies involved. What’s not to like?