Your Christmas Tree May Be Offending Someone Right Now


Today in over-the-top political correctness seemingly supported by science: Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada have undertaken a study to see how Christmas trees hurt the feelings of impact people who aren’t Christian. They asked 77 Christians and 57 non-Christians to fill out a survey both when a 12-inch Christmas tree was in the room and when it was not. The people who didn’t celebrate Christmas “reported fewer positive feelings and less self-assurance in the Christmas room. Christians were mostly cheered by the tree.”

Of course, all of this assumes an actual connection between Christmas trees and Christianity, which a sampling of our immediate group of diversely religious peers would indicate is tenuous at best. Some even argue that the origin of the decorated evergreen is actually pagan! (Personally, we’re more offended by the hiring of Christmas tree stylists and the outright obesity of Santa these days.)

Michael Schmitt, the psychologist behind the research, said:

“We’re not suggesting ‘no Christmas’ or ‘no Christmas displays at all,’ but in contexts where we really do value respecting and including diversity in terms of religion, the safest option is not to have these kinds of displays.”

Related: Christians also reported more feelings of guilt when the tree was in the room. So, if you’re looking for something new to feel bad about this holiday season, there you are.

[via the Telegraph]