Das Racist’s “Hahahaha JK” Remix Contest Needs More Entries


So everyone’s favorite recently deported rap crew (not for political reasons, FYI) is back in town, and drumming up sorely needed Internet buzz with a remix contest for “Hahahaha JK,” perhaps their best song to date, or at least, thanks to the indomitable Boi-1da, their best beat. Excellent source material here, sonically and lyrically — here is your chance to set “Call me Dwight Shrute the way that I eat beats” to drum ‘n’ bass or witch house or whatever.

The victor will receive “a t-shirt, signed CD, bag of weed (half kidding) and a feature on the band’s website,” and I can more or less guarantee you they’re not kidding about the weed. You’ve got until January 18; this has been going on for a couple weeks now, but the few submissions so far leave something to be desired: namely, an idea a bit more involved than just dumping the track on top of Miles Davis’ “Basin Street Blues.” Do better. These nice boys deserve it, and their weed is undoubtedly fantastic.