Harrison’s Taking Over Bowery Poetry Club Café; Expect ‘Crap-Ton’ of Roast Beef


Following the relatively brief tenure of the Lower Eastside Girls Club’s Celebrate Café, it seems the Bowery Poetry Club has found a new tenant to provide its patrons with sustenance: According to EV Grieve, who spoke with a partner in the deal, the space will soon serve roast beef sandwiches from Harrison’s, a Massachusetts restaurant known for the black magic it works on bovine by-products. A Yelper sums up the appeal of the place thusly:

“The good thing about Harrison’s sandwiches is that you get a metric crap-ton of roast beef in your sandwich. You also get a crap-ton of sauce to go, if you want it. Hence, you’ll need a crap-ton of napkins, so grab some before you leave.”

Alrighty! Seems that at the very least, quantity won’t be an issue here — though the quality will undoubtedly spark comparisons with that of This Little Piggy, also located in the neighborhood and selling its own gutbomb-worthy take on the roast beef sandwich.