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Holiday Entertainment At Your Local Theater


I’ve been rsvping up a storm so I can report to you on various theatrical stocking stuffers to fill your holiday minds with.

Here’s what I saw:

*Three Pianos is a two-hour, intermissionless seriocomedy at NYTW, in which a trio of male musicians make like Victor Borge and deconstruct Schubert’s work and experiences in relation to their own sweeping life themes. It doesn’t all sparkle, but it’s extremely heady and clever–and they hand out free wine!

*Dear Edwina is a cute and zingy kiddie show “for everyone”, about an advice giver who learns the power of self-esteem–and the importance of saying “hello” to everyone while accompanied by a ukelele.

(Yes, I went to a kiddie show. Go ahead, laugh.)

*And at Abrons Arts Center, Justin Bond did Christmas Spells, a subversively endearing revue with the performance troupe of “glam warriors” known as the Pixie Harlots.

The crux of it was a playlet in which Huck Finn had extra special adventures as a transsexual hooker in New Orleans.

As Mark Twain himself wrote, “Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted.”

At the end of the evening, Bond deadpanned, “I’d love to go back 2000 years and punch the baby Jesus. Just kidding. I have nothing against Jesus. It’s the Christians!”