Holiday Travel in Europe Fouled by Snow; Pedophile Guide Author Arrested; East Village Christmas Tree Seller Fined


• Airports in Europe, especially London’s Heathrow Airport, remain in disarray, with less than a third of flights operating as authorities attempt to cope with snow at holiday time. Airline passengers have been “told to expect delays and flight cancellations ‘beyond Christmas Day.'” Trains are also a mess after power lines came down in certain areas, and Eurostar has cancelled a number of their trains due to snow. [Telegraph]

• An explosive device was found on a subway train in Rome today. No one was hurt. [NYT]

Phillip R. Greaves, the guy who wrote The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure, which caused a stir on Amazon and was finally removed from the online retailer’s listings, has been arrested in Colorado under Florida obscenity laws and extradited to Florida, even though Colorado wants a crack at him too. [Pat’s Papers]

• Problems continue to plague the Spider-Man musical. This time an actor was injured in a performance last night after he fell into a pit during the last moments of the show. A line holding him apparently snapped. The New York Times has video.

• An East Village Christmas tree vendor who has a temporary structure on the sidewalk so his staffers can get out of the cold occasionally was fined $1,500 by the city last week. He says he’s never had to have a permit for the structure before, and can’t pay the fine. [DNA Info]

• Also in bah, humbug: A New Jersey woman’s 6-foot-tall talking/singing Santa — the last gift her husband gave her before he passed away — is irritating her neighbors. The cops have given her a citation because the Santa is too loud. [NBC NY]