Laurie Anderson Is Appearing On East Village Radio At 4 P.M.


Of all the people I interviewed in 2010, Laurie Anderson was easily my favorite, based entirely on that voice — even snaking through a phone line, it’s a wise, warm, profoundly soothing phenomenon, Kim Deal-esque in its capacity to soothe even the most savage of beasts, and put to equally phenomenal effect on this year’s Homeland, an avant-pop exploration of death, decay, and financial devastation that nonetheless leaves you feeling bizarrely cheerful. In the event you’re a bit keyed up with pre-holiday jitters today, I suggest you turn into East Village Radio right now.

She’ll be chatting with the inimitable Andrew Andrew, you see, perhaps about her Neptune Parade Queen crown, or the Grammy nomination Homeland garnered her, or … well, it doesn’t matter, really. She could recite the list of things you have to do between today and Christmas and still somehow calm you down. We’ll see you over there.