Never Have Your Photo Taken With a Sex Doll, and Other Lessons from Edward Kleiner, Allegedly Pervy Long Island Doc


Three former employees of Dr. Edward Kleiner, a doctor who runs Beach and Surf Medical in Long Beach, Long Island, have filed complaints against him with the New York State Division of Human Rights for allegedly pervy actions that put the P in Pervy (and the W in What Not to Do) — including offering them gynecological exams, talking about his penis size, stalking them when they were with their boyfriends, and sending them “sexts” constantly.

Former office manager Shivon Super and Samantha Romanger and Lauren Schlanger (both former administrative assistants) filed the complaint, saying that they were fired for rejecting Kleiner’s advances, reports the New York Post.

One time, “he unzipped his pants and pulled [his penis] out” in the office, said disgusted former worker Samantha Romanger, 21, one of three plaintiffs in the case.

According to CBS, alleged texts included “Shivon, can’t we PLEASE hav an affair????” and “Again, I’m sorri, ill do sexual favors 4u 2 make up 4 it.”

The allegations against Kleiner, who’s an osteopath, are so indecent as to be almost comical, if they weren’t so gross. His former employees say he also sent his illicit texts to patients, took marijuana as a form of payment, double-billed insurance companies and patients, and, perhaps most horribly, “instructed a married couple to have sex in the office’s only bathroom to produce sperm for an artificial-insemination procedure on the wife,” according to the plaintiffs, and then asked one of them to “accompany him into a room to watch as he injected the sperm into the wife.”

The assistants were shocked and horrified, not least because they were the ones who had to clean the bathroom.

Dr. Kleiner has also had the unfortunate experience of having his photo taken as he was pretending to smooch a blowup sex doll that he apparently brought to an office party. Which, clearly, one should never do.