New York Wine; French Bubbly (That Isn’t Champagne)


Looking for a locavoric gift this holiday season? Brooklyn Winery, Brooklyn Oenology, and the Red Hook Winery are among hyper-local wine producers right here in New York City.
[NY Post]

Champagne isn’t the only French bubbly. Eric Asimov samples a Huët Pétillant sparkling Vouvray, Langlois-Château Crémant from Loire, and Parigot Crémant from Burgundy.
[NY Times]

Ethiopians are outraged over track star Haile Gebrselassie signing on as a spokesman for Johnnie Walker, as they say endorsing booze sends the wrong message.

Firefly, maker of the tea-flavored vodka, is launching Skinny Tea, a version with fewer calories and no carbs. It will be in stores in March 2011.

Apparently, Danes believe that soaking your bare feet in vodka will get you drunk. But a recent study proves this is bogus.
[The Stranger via Alcademics]

Hong Kong’s Wine in the Dark is a wine-tasting experience conducted in darkness and led by visually impaired guides for the cost of about $71.
[Wall Street Journal]

Sixties supermodel Evelyn Kuhn is suing Belgian brewer Stella Artois for using stock photos of her in its latest ad campaign.
[NY Post]