Republicans Win the Census; New York Loses Two Seats in House


Numbers from the latest U.S. census are out! The U.S. population has reached a heady 308,745,538 people, which, though it seems like a lot, is actually the slowest growth we’ve had since the Great Depression. Of all the states, Nevada grew the most.

The numbers are especially good news to Republicans in “warmer” “GOP-leaning” states where people are apparently flocking in droves and/or having lots of babies — like Florida, which gains two seats in the House; Georgia, which gains one; and Texas, which gains four, doing it up big, as usual. This is a shift that’s “expected to boost Republicans’ political prospects nationally,” per the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, in colder climes, Ohio loses two seats, as does New York, and New Jersey loses one. llinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, and Pennsylvania also lost seats, while Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington gained.

It’s up to the state legislature to determine which seats, exactly, will go.