Watch Kathleen Hanna Sing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” And “Rebel Girl” At Joe’s Pub Last Week


Kathleen Hanna is slowly creeping back into the limelight — a few nights after taking the stage during her own star-studded tribute show at the Knitting Factory, the Riot Grrrl luminary/semi-recluse showed up at an Our Hit Parade fete at Joe’s Pub for a long, rambling, thoroughly engrossing multimedia presentation that begins, of course, with “I’m gonna tell a story about the ’90s.” Discussed: Kurt Cobain, fake abortion clinics, hangovers, the ubiquity of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and being forced to strip to Janet Jackson songs for the pleasure of a hardcore band (named Muttonchop) your own band had opened for earlier that day because your van needs $1,000 in repairs. And then, of course, she further contributes to the ubiquity of “Teen Spirit” by singing it herself, with a whiff of “Rebel Girl” in there too, of course. She oughta do Broadway. (OK: Off-Broadway.) (Off-Off-Broadway.) Probably a Beastie Boy somewhere in here, too: