A-List: New York Gets Another Gay Thumbs Down


Here’s what Next magazine’s Dan Avery has to say regarding the Logo series about striving gays and their well-groomed machinations:

“The ‘reality’ show everyone loved to hate probably cancelled out 100 ‘It Gets Better’ videos with its cringe-worthy depictions of Reichen, Rodiney, and the other vapid queens trying to impress upon viewers why they’re important.

(Hint: If you have to explain why you’re A-list, you’re probably not.)”

Ouch. Discuss.

Meanwhile, Avery does like things some gayish things on the tube.

About True Blood, he wrote:

“You’d think getting to watch Ryan Kwanten nearly naked every episode would be enough for us gays, but this season we got to meet the vampire king of Mississippi (out actor Denis O’Hare) and his queeny lover (who got a piece of Eric before knowing the ‘true death’).

“Plus, Lafayette finally got a boyfriend.

“Word is we’re getting another queer cast member next season–a gay fairy. (No joke!)”

As for Glee: “It’s practically pooping rainbows!”