Al Qaeda Considered Poisoning Us; Foursquare Now Competing with Foodspotting


Al Qaeda has contemplated using food poisoning as a way to attack the U.S. Apparently, it discussed slipping cyanide into salad bars and buffets at hotels and restaurants.

The food porn iPhone app Foodspotting has hit 500,000 downloads, just as Foursquare launches a similar feature to compete with it.

JFC International in Brooklyn is recalling frozen capelin that was not properly eviscerated prior to processing and may be tainted with botulism.

FreshDirect plans to raise up to $200 million to expand into Washington and Baltimore, and compete with rivals like Peapod.

Here’s a shocker: Restaurant workers have secret codes to refer to crappy customers. Servers and hosts use OpenTable to catalog bad tippers (B.T.’s) and other jerks.
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