Pope Unwittingly Blessed Gay Event!


Oh yes, heathens.

In 2010, Pope Benedict gave the divine OK to condom use in certain
instances, and now it turns out he also granted a heartfelt blessing to a
gay pride festival in Canada!

He’s clearly putting the Sodom back in Gomorrah.

Writer/muckraker Matthew Hays–a longtime friend of this blog–got
the capriciously wonderful idea to invite the Pope to Divers/Cite, the
annual celebration of ethnic and racial diversity in Montreal.

What he didn’t specify in his request was that this was the town’s official
gay pride event!

He soon got a letter on official Vatican letterhead stating that the Pope
thanked Hays, would remember him in prayers, and offered his blessings!!


So I take it I can get back on my knees and not go to hell?