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The 10 Best NYC events of 2010


Whenever we tell people what we do for a living we always get the same thing: “You must know what’s going on in the city all the time,” and “You must get invited to the best events.” Well, yes and yes. But recommending events every freaking day of the year to you eccentric New Yorkers is not as easy as it sounds. We go to great lengths to preview the funniest comedy shows, weirdest art exhibitions, and craziest parties, which means we do end up going out a lot, and if that means taking off our pants in public, then so be it.

We came, we saw, we conquered. To wrap up the year before we start all over again, here are our Voice Choices of 2010:

10. Shepard Fairey’s May Day Opening at Deitch Projects on May 1, 2010

9. Play Me, I’m Yours, which took Luke Jerram’s interactive art experience featuring about 60 upright pianos all over New York City this summer.

8. Murray Hill’s Mr. Transman 2010, April 25, 2010

7. Professional Bull Riders brought the world’s 40 best riders to Madison Square Garden last year. And it’s making its annual return on January 7.

6. On October 20, because of traffic from the East Village to Tribeca, it took a subway ride, a cab, and another 10 minutes on foot to arrive at Barnes & Noble to hear Mr. James Franco read from his book Palo Alto, and then it took another hour for him to finish reading. It was worth it.

5. We all dressed up as old ladies for Victoria Party’s 3rd annual Drag Tribute to the Golden Girls at the Stone Wall Inn on March 6, 2010. And we looked fabulous.

4. Because taking your pants off in the dead of winter for no reason, other than that it’s fun, never gets old. (Happening again soon!)

3. Conan O’Brien had a shitty year, but he also had an awesome comeback tour: Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, which featured a ton of guests — the one above, too.

2. Pee-Wee Herman was everywhere this year — we have Foursquare feeds to prove it — and The Pee-wee Herman Show is still going strong. It ends soon (January 2), so don’t miss out.

1. Marina Abramovic’s MOMA retrospective “The Artist is Present” this summer had just about everyone waiting in line to stare into her eyes. There were tears, smiles, bewilderment…and it was definitely unforgettable.