The Five Best Songs of 2010


Here they are, according to Keo Nozari, the popular DJ who spent 2010 spinning at Rockit, Club 57, the Fire Island Pines, G Lounge and more, and who releases his new album, “Love Boutique,” in early 2011.

1. “DANCING ON MY OWN” by Robyn.

Says Nozari, “The underappreciated European sensation was no longer dancing on her own in the States with this track–and who can resist the amazing schizophrenia of a song that’s both happy and sad simultaneously!”

2. “TEENAGE DREAM” by Katy Perry.

“This song transcended boundaries, marking a huge hit not only for Perry but for Glee in its gay television version (making it even more of a pedophile’s wet dream!).”

3. “HAPPINESS” (Wideboys Remix) by Alexis Jordan.

“A virtual theme song for summertime Fire Island.”

4. “F**K YOU” by Cee Lo Green.

“Who else but Cee Lo Green could flip you off and get a Grammy nomination for it?”

5. “TELEPHONE” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce.

“Two of the biggest names in pop music ring in a massive hit and make eating Honey Buns cool again!”

Don’t agree with his choices? F**k you.