Tiger-Smuggling, the TSA, and Steven Slater: 2010’s Craziest Moments in the Sky


As you head off to wherever you’re going for the holidays, or simply stay home and count your blessings that you’re staying put, let’s recap the year in flight. It was exciting! Here are our craziest moments in the sky for 2010.

Steven Slater!: The Jet Blue flight attendant who went completely crazy while on the job was a “national hero” for 3 seconds. But then everyone realized that he was just a crazy person, so they stopped caring.

Elephant Tusks!: In old school crimes that villains of Jumanji would commit, a man was sentenced to three years of prison for smuggling elephant tusks into the U.S. The New York Post reported that “Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr. in Brooklyn federal also fined Tamba Kaba $25,000 importing the ivory from Nigeria and Uganda in air cargo shipments.”

Runaway Crocs!: In October, we heard the tragic story of the African plane crash due to a panic caused by a loose crocodile. FYI, the croc “survived the crash before being cut up with a machete.” Yikes.

Wild Dogs! A dog on a US Airways flight bound from Newark to Phoenix got loose and started biting everyone that it could! The plane had to force an emergency landing making everyone on the board want to murder the dog — and its 89-year old owner.

Crouching Tigers: A woman from Thailand tried to smuggle a baby tiger onboard an airplane back in August. She put the baby beast in her luggage surrounded by stuffed animal tigers hoping that the X-ray machine didn’t know the difference. Creative, but dumb.

Hidden Dragons!: A guy boards a plane as an “elderly Caucasian male” with weird hands. Mid-flight, he pulls some grand wizard level magic and “emerged an Asian-looking male” in his early 20s. Our minds were blown!

Grief from the TSA!: The TSA started this whole body scan procedure and everyone freaked out about it — except Foster. Then all hell broke loose during the holiday season after a San Diego man refused to participate in the searches. After a little boy was strip searched and prosthetic breasts were examined, the hoopla finally died down a little. For now.

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