What to Drink at Mary Queen of Scots: The Auld Alliance


Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

​The drink: The Auld Alliance

The bar: Mary Queen of Scots, 115 Allen Street, 212-460-0915

The price: $12

The ingredients: Cognac, Laphroaig, maraschino liqueur, apple cider, maple bitters, and Angostura bitters, shaken and served on the rocks.

The buzz: The whole concept behind Mary Queen of Scots comes together in this drink. The name refers to the alliance between Scotland and France, and the ingredients reflect it. It’s not a drink for the Scotch or Cognac uninitiated. The Laphroaig is full of peat, and the cocktail is full of bite. And yet, there’s something round and honeyed about it that allows it to go down just a little too easily for something with so much freakin’ booze in it. Your highness, indeed.

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