Bombs Explode at Embassies in Rome; Man Returns Library Book After 76 Years; Husband From Homewrecked Couple Speaks


• Bombs exploded at the Swiss and Chilean Embassies in Rome today. The mail room worker who opened the bomb that arrived at the Swiss Embassy has been injured in both hands, and someone at the Chilean Embassy was also injured slightly. A “suspect package” has been reported at the Ukrainian Embassy as well. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. [CNN, BBC]

• The Senate has passed the $4.3 billion 9/11 health bill, which will cover the cost of medical care for people who became ill from toxins after the 9/11 attacks. Obama will sign the bill into law. [NYT]

• Police shot and killed a 21-year-old man, Zach Bingert, (who was allegedly wielding a knife and threatening to kill his mother) in Queens yesterday. Bingert’s mother had an order of protection against him. [NY1]

• An 89-year-old Michigan man has returned a book he checked out as a 13-year-old to his local library. The book was A Dog of Flanders, which apparently “entranced” him. He wrote an apology and won’t be fined for the 76 years it was overdue. [Yahoo]

• The police have released surveillance video of a man pulling the suitcase found in Harlem with the body of a woman inside it yesterday. The woman had been strangled; another woman unzipped the suitcase and found her. [Pat’s Papers]

• The husband of Carol Anne Riddell, who was half of last weekend’s controversial Vows piece in the Times (she and her new husband left their spouses — all were friends — and families to marry each other) has talked to the Post. Bob Ennis says the article is “a ‘choreographed, self-serving piece of revisionist history’ that will hurt both couples’ children.” [NYP]

• The New York Times’ year in pictures is up. [NYT]