Does Oprah Promote Greed?


Sure she does, and as someone who adores grubbing for all sorts of things, I think that’s marvelous!

But satirical commentator Bill Maher objected to her recent, elaborate series of giveaway shows and said so in a sardonic holiday-themed video he just made waves with.

Well, last night on MSNBC’s The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, I chatted about the video and decided that both parties are right–Maher for calling the talk show queen on her pandering and Oprah herself for generously giving diamonds to people who eat dirt for dinner.

By the way, I joked about the lucky recipients having to pay taxes on all that stuff, but I later learned that they don’t have to.

After all the fuss about the tax paying for past Oprah giveaways, HARPO now takes care of it!

So even that’s free. This is the Christmas spirit at its most profound.