Goat Town’s Nick Morgenstern, Part II: Fast Cars, Chocoholism, and French Frozen Foods


Yesterday, we talked with Nick Morgenstern about his new restaurant, Goat Town. Today, he lets us in on his Christmas plans and New Year’s resolutions, which may or may not involve another launch for 2011.

Goat Town has its own garden, we hear. How’s it looking?

We’re working on it. By the spring we’ll have it planted and it’ll allow for us to provide for one or two dishes consistently on our menu. We’re using some of our staff members who have experience with urban gardening. It’s great. The energy is amazing in the space, but it’s an overwhelming amount of work right off the bat.

Do you have any gardening tips yourself?

My dad’s folks are from southern Ohio and have pretty crazy farms out there. Whether I’ll do it here, I’m not sure. I’m the director of operations, so I have a lot of stuff on my plate. At some point I’ll end up doing a bit of everything here, but I doubt I’ll be consistently digging up carrots. Just being honest.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I love fast cars. I’ve been racing since I was a kid. I grew up in an auto shop, and worked for Porsche and Saab when I was in high school. I’ve got a car in Hawaii, a car in California, a couple cars here, and I belong to the car club in Tribeca. I don’t even get to drive anymore! I drive to the restaurant supplies store and then back to the restaurant. I definitely like to go fast.

Any edible guilty pleasures?

I’m pretty good. I’m down for swimming and running all the time. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I’m always snacking on chocolate. Nothing too crazy, though. I’m kind of old for that.

How old are you?


How are you celebrating the holidays?

I’ll be in Paris. Christmas isn’t as big of a holiday for them as it is for us. They do it around family. The gifting process isn’t as crazy. So, I’ll be with friends and family, having dinner and stuff, but the evolution of food and life in France is interesting. I’ve seen it change over time. In Paris they love this store, Picard, that’s like one big freezer. It’s like the Whole Foods of frozen foods. It’s just crazy to be shopping in a freezer store in Paris. I’m sure there’ll be some Picard stuff at Christmas.

Is Goat Town open for Christmas or New Year’s Eve?

We’re not open for Christmas, but we’re open for New Year’s. We’ll be closed one day in the week after New Year’s so I can take the staff out bowling.

Do you have any resolutions for 2011?

I’m pretty good in general. I’m known for the marathons and stuff. I guess I keep it moving. I’ve got some fun plans, though. I’ve got some other stuff up my sleeve for 2011.

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