Painkiller to Revamp Menu, Add Hot Drinks


Now that winter’s officially begun, it’s time to get out the Snuggie and curl up with the booze. Cocktails can be tricky when it’s cold, but luckily a new trend is about to be sprung upon New Yorkers: the hot tiki cocktail!

Lower East Side tiki bar Painkiller (49 Essex Street, 212-777-8454) will begin serving hot tiki drinks, according to Diner’s Journal. Seems counterintuitive (and possibly odd — warm orange juice doesn’t sound delicious), but owner Giuseppe Gonzalez tells the Gray Lady that about one-fifth of tiki drinks are actually supposed to be served warm. So what’s headed for the menu? Expect to see coffee grog (coffee, rum, and spices), a take on a hot buttered rum and a Zombie, and even hot mai tais and Sazeracs, all expected to debut on Christmas Eve. Sounds like a warm and boozy way to start the holiday, especially if making Four Loko balls isn’t what you had in mind.