Regifting Advice For The Dirt-Cheap and Practical


*Don’t hand the package over with any self-consciousness whatsoever because that would give away the fact that it’s a shameful regifting. Offer it with pride, like you can’t wait for them to see what it is!

*You should even come up with a back story about where you bought it in case that comes up. I recently regifted some naughty religious item I didn’t want. “Love it! Where’d you get it?” asked the lucky lady I gave it to. “Urban Outfitters,” I responded, pleased with my quickness. That works for everything.

*Try to keep the gift in plastic. Remember how nice it looked when you opened it and it was covered in plastic? Well, the next recipient will feel the very same way.

*Remove any leftover press releases that mark it as a gift bag item, or price labels that reveal it to be a 99-cent store get. (The last person should have done this, but they might have forgotten.) It’s bad enough that you didn’t pay a cent for this. Dont make it look that way!

But most of all:

*Don’t be my friend! Please!