Week In Review: All I Want For Christmas Is Train


That’s it for us, internet, we’re back on Monday. But before we leave, let’s run it back. The worst song of 2010? Well, it wasn’t the cast of Glee‘s “Loser.” And it wasn’t Bret Michaels’s repulsive cover of “What I Got.” Which only really leaves…

Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister.” Your favorite song. Sorry about that.

Plus, relieve the year that was with the top singles and albums from the two guys that write this thing, a sad roll call of those we lost this year and a much brighter photo reel of those who are very much still around, and a list of the top 10 Christmas albums of 2010, which should really come in handy over the next day or two.

What else. In honor of Captain Beefheart, we gave you a beginner’s guide to his work. Chavez’s Matt Sweeney told us about how he ended up working with Josh Groban. Kid Sister ruled the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Twin Sister hosted a very chill Christmas party at the Live With Animals gallery. And Weezer did Pinkerton (and a bunch of other songs they clearly like more) at Roseland.

Not to mention the ugly fallout from the Paramore breakup, the awesome return to the stage by Kathleen Hanna, and a guide the rest of your holiday week in nightlife. We’re celebrating Christmas like everyone else tomorrow, but we’ll be back on Monday. Until then…