92-Year-Old Gramps Becomes New Star of the Internet


This weekend a 92-year-old man became a meme when his grandson posted his picture to web-forum Reddit. After viewing some of the photoshop work on the site, he told his grandson he wanted to “see what those young whippersnappers can do to my pic.” Over 500 comments came in with designs turning him into famous characters like the Godfather and into things we’re not so sure are kosher for a 92-year-old man.

The Redditor with the username “illinoisadvertising” posted the thread yesterday and filled in commenters with a little more information about his grandpa, who was “an orphan. A cut man for a boxer. Accused of murder at 18. Fought in WW2. (drove a tank in Patton’s army during WW2 and was also a personal driver to him.) Worked at a hotel in chicago that housed one of capone’s henchmen. etc. etc. and there’s plenty more.”

The “Internets” showing old people love isn’t something new. Back in September, we told you about 4Chan sending 90-year-old war vet William J. Lashua a birthday card. And back in August, public mourning took place after the death of Ivy Bean, the world’s oldest twitterer.

If you want your favorite old person to become an Internet-celeb it’s not too late! You can always buy them this book: