And in Case You Missed It: Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake


Of course, you didn’t miss it. It’s the racially charged semi-homemade cake recipe phenom that won’t die. But, is Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake racist? Salon Food’s Francis Lam points out that it has little do with culinary traditions associated with Kwanzaa. And now, the recipe writer Denise Vivaldo’s unflattering exposé of how she was forced to come up with the recipe has disappeared from The Huffington Post.

According to Lam’s research, only the candles that adorn the cake have any relevance to the African-American holiday. But then, there are no foods strictly associated with Kwanzaa yet, seeing as it’s only existed for 44 years. So, Lee, in all her whiteness and naïveté, might be crossing a line of good taste. But is her Kwanzaa cake really wrong? (Um, yes. But maybe not for the obvious reasons.)