Dorky Tech Snowball Fight Today at Madison Square Park


In news of extreme things that nerdy people like, New York’s tech elite will be gathering at Madison Square Park today at 2:30 p.m. for an old fashioned snowball fight (#techsnowball) to be followed by a group meal at Shake Shack. We can’t wait to see how many iPhones and spirits are broken at this event. It’s just past 2:30 now so go over and kick some tech butt!

Started by Charlie O’Donnell, the CEO of nextNY, this event has the tweet-o-sphere abuzz.

Rachel Sklar is calling for his defeat from outside the battle lines:

David Berkowitz is there already setting up for his victory:

The techies are expected to fighting at the same time as the Polar Brrrger Club is set to meet at Madison Square Park. We’re predicting an all-out-brawl between the cold-loving burger freaks and the fun-seeking technowizards. This is us stating our rights to the screenplay, which is going to be like Julie and Julia meets The Social Network. Oscars 2011, here we come.