Miley Cyrus Should Be Left Alone in 2011


She’s been held up as some supposed role model for billions by puritanical types who will surely drive her to a nuthouse if they keep up with their absurd demands.

Let the girl grow up!

Miley is a good role model if she shows the world that she lives and breathes and experiments and grows like everyone else.

Remember those photos of her that were supposedly so scandalous? They weren’t!

And when she seemed to maybe kiss a girl on a TV show, and she had to grovel and apologize and say it wasn’t so? As if maybe almost kissing a girl was such a horrible thing!

And then came the bong of legal substances.


I never thought I’d feel protective of Miley Ray Cyrus (which I insist on calling her), but I have to step in and say let the girl be!

Just don’t make me watch her movies!