New York Suggests Where to Eat in 2011


This week’s New York adds its proverbial two cents to the compendium of year-end dining roundups with its mammoth Where to Eat in 2011 issue, billed as an “annual survey of everything you need to know about New York City’s restaurant scene right now.”

“Everything,” at least in the magazine’s estimation, includes the old-fashioned, grandma-style Italian food served at the likes of Osteria Morini and Torrisi Italian Specialties; tasting menus a la those featured at Recette, the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, and Eleven Madison Park; restaurants like ABC Kitchen, Kaijitsu, and Dovetail where “vegetables are the new meat”; and “Southern-fried” Brooklyn restaurants like Seersucker, the Commodore, Fatty ‘Cue, and Pies-N- Thighs.

Critic Adam Platt’s picks for his 10 favorites restaurants to open in 2010 unsurprisingly overlap with those deemed next year’s trendsetters, with Recette, Osteria Morini, Torrisi, Fatty ‘Cue, and ABC Kitchen all receiving benediction. Almost no names are mentioned in Platt’s list of restaurant trends he’d like to see disappear, but it’s pretty easy to guess who’s being called to account for sins like “meatballs,” “Brooklyn-themed restaurants,” and “restaurants with the word ‘club’ in the name.”