Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate All the Rage; Whole Foods Recalls Tainted Gingerbread Houses


McDonald’s, which has just added oatmeal and is testing flatbread sandwiches, is not afraid of changing its menu. Some locations feature about 100 menu items.
[Wall Street Journal]

People around the country are willing to pay more for chocolate certified as organic and fair trade, which is keeping Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ Certified busy.
[Wall Street Journal]

The Juice Press at 1st and First caters to celebs like Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, and Kate Hudson — and anyone with the hangover shakes.
[NY Post]

Other great hangover cures include the deep-fried peanut butter sandwich at the Breslin, schnitzel and poached egg sandwich at Klee, and Patty Melt at Telepan.
[NY Post]

Whole Foods is recalling gingerbread houses by Rolf’s Patisserie, due to potential contamination. The houses were sold in New York and 22 other states.
[Digital News Report]