Sleepy JFK Security Guards Fired; Sleepier Boss Stays On


Guards from Covenant Aviation Security feel they have been wrongfully fired for sleeping on the job, the New York Post reports today. They say say their supervisor Ronald Denig commits the same offenses that they do. With all of the chaos going on around at the country’s airports, it’s no wonder that the guards fell asleep. It’s an exhausting job!

The best part about this story is the camera phone war that the employees and their supervisors have apparently gotten themselves in. Via the Post:

A picture of Denig allegedly snoozing was taken by a colleague of the dismissed guards — who sneaked up on him while he was sleeping in a company car, parked in a deserted lot, multiple sources said.

Denig only got a 5-day suspension for his nap behind the wheel. This sounds like a thrown out plot line from The Office. It’s easy to imagine Jim, Dwight, and Michael engaging in an all-you-can-work-marathon and spending the majority of it attempting to catch one another sleeping.

The Post tells us not to worry about having such a horrible team of people watching over our beloved John F. Kennedy Airport. A new company is about to take care of that. They explain:

FJC Security, which had been providing guards for Newark Airport, offered a lower bid to do the job at La Guardia and JFK for four years starting in February.

Lower bids, those bode well!