The Best of the #failedrockbandmovies Hashtag


Online music nerds are just like the rest of us in the downtime between Christmas and New Year’s: unwrapping the last bit of reheatable Christmas dinner, bidding visiting relatives a fond adieu, being trapped inside by a foot of snow with only Twitter to keep them warm. So it came as no surprise that one of those irresistible hashtag memes (#failedrockbandmovies) would bubble up last night, like the last lingering present you discover on the 26th hidden behind the tree (it’s socks, whatever). This one was easy enough to churn up thousands upon thousands of boring “Wheel of Fortune” style before-and-afters like “The Karate Kid Rock,” or “The Man Who Knew Too $hort.” Here, though, are our favorites (including, in the charitable spirit of the season, one from yours truly, ever the fan of a quality pun) with bonus points for linguistic gymnastics and/or the relative obscurity of the film or band (see above):