The Blizzard of 2010: We’ll Be Telling the Grandkids About This One!


Is there a name for this thing yet? Snowmaggedon? Thundersnow? Blizza-palooza? That day people were trapped outside of New York City, while those (okay, one or two) inside it actually skied to work? And the rest of us hunkered down and tried not to have to go anywhere? Yes, there is a lot of snow out there, in drifts of three to five feet. Central Park has 20 inches. It has pretty much stopped snowing. Shovel is a trending topic.

Over at the New York Times, they’re live-blogging the blizzard, which has to be slightly less exciting than live-blogging a political debate or dog show, if only because once you get the details regarding your particular interest in the blizzard (did it shut down your train/plane/MTA station?) you’re generally ready to either move on or just get back in bed. Nonetheless, they are live-blogging the blizzard!

It is there that we learn some unlucky souls were still stuck on A trains they’d boarded at 1 a.m. come 7:54 this morning, at Broad Channel station and Aqueduct station. Passengers can get off the trains and go into the station, apparently, but “there’s basically no place else to go.”

Meanwhile, the MTA is “urging its customers to stay home this morning if at all possible.” We hear the 7 is the only train running without difficulties. There’s a full suspension of service on the Long Island Rail Road, suspension of Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line, and suspension of several of the lettered subway lines. Amtrak trains in the Northeast aren’t running.

The Department of Transportation and the Department of Sanitation would also like you to stay home this morning if possible.

JFK and Newark Airports are closed, and La Guardia has canceled flights. (More than 1400 flights were canceled out of the New York City area due to the storm.) Airports are expected to reopen later today, though “normal service” probably won’t resume til Tuesday. The Staten Island Ferry is running, reports NY1. But the public library is closed.

Of course, some overachiever has already skied to work.

So, how’s your snow day?