The Chilean Miners Are Going to Disney World; Foursquare Check-ins, Now With Photos…Plus, More Non-Snow-Related News


People are talking about a few other things besides the snow! Really! (By the way, those riders on the A train who were stuck have been rescued, thank God.) Also, the 7 train is now suspended. In other news:

The Chilean miners are getting a trip to Disney World! Plus, a $500 gift card for each of their families. [CNN]

The 8 Coney Island boardwalk businesses being evicted by Zamperla — including Ruby’s Bar and Shoot the Freak — are asking for $2 million (in total) in order to move out. Zamperla claims the storefronts are unsafe and told the Post “it would rather have shuttered storefronts than bring them back.” [NYP]

9 men who’ve been held since raids in Britain last week have been charged with “conspiring to cause an explosion or explosions in the UK” and “engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism.” [Telegraph]

Some self-avowed Wal-Mart lovers don’t want Wal-Mart in New York City. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Wal-Mart said that stores in New York would be smaller and “rejected the idea that the chain hurts small businesses.” [NYT]

Foursquare has photo and comment capability with location-based check-ins now! [Observer]

The worst boyfriend ever set his ex girlfriend’s Christmas tree on fire Sunday night, injuring a 1-year-old and making an ass of himself in general. He was drunk. Cops are still looking for him. [CBS]