100 People Get Staph Infections from Gingerbread; Fast-Food Chains Try to Top the Double Down


At least 100 people have contracted staph food poisoning from eating tainted gingerbread houses sold at Whole Foods, according to the FDA.

After finding traces of cooked food on the fossilized teeth of Neanderthals, scientists now believe the Ice Age diet included cooked plants and meat.

Frito-Lay is entering the “natural” food product arena with a plan for converting 50 percent of its snacks to all-natural ingredients in 2011.
[USA Today]

Cornell researchers are working on a commercial 3-D food printer that will enable users to print meals off the internet using raw-food ink syringes.
[Mother Nature Network]

The city’s New Business Acceleration Team is a pilot program aimed at helping restaurateurs through the red tape of setting up a business.
[NY Times]

Fast-food chains have calorie-heavy plans for 2010, with Burger King’s 1,310-calorie Ultimate Breakfast Platter and Cinnabon items at Taco Bell.
[LA Times]