2010’s Celeb Deaths: Which One Upset You The Most?


And there were a lot of them, all with a legacy of astounding achievements well worth reflecting on!

Rue McClanahan?

Elizabeth Edwards?

Teena Marie?

Jean Simmons?

Tony Curtis?

Dennis Hopper?

Wait, there’s more!

Alexander McQueen? Patricia Neal? Lena Horne?

Lynn Redgrave? Blake Edwards? Dixie Carter?

Captain Beefheart? Malcolm McLaren? Corey Haim?

Barbara Billingsley? Jill Clayburgh? Tom Bosley?

Leslie Nielsen? J.D. Salinger? Joan Sutherland?

Or Gary Coleman?

For me, it was Lena, JD, Lynn, Rue, and June Havoc!

But all the losses are deeply felt.