‘Blizzard Bingo’ Saves NYC


How boring are the people who’ve made themselves homebound just because they’re afraid of the rare occurrence that’s white and 10 inches.

I went out!

Last night, I went to “Blizzard Bingo” at Bowery Poets Cafe, hosted by quirky performers Murray Hill and Harriet Halloway, who led the crowd–and yes, there was a crowd–in a nightful of funsy Bingo games.

The illustrious prizes included CDs, cash, and even an autographed photo of Dita Von Teese that Murray stole from an L.A. club the other night.

One of the winners was a web designer from California who announced his three-week anniversary with his current girlfriend. (Halloway was actually impressed, saying “My relationships never get beyond the parking lot.”)

When two gals tied on another game–a lesbian gym teacher and a French cheese company intern–they were made to arm wrestle to shrieks of “Fromage! Fromage!”

(The gym teacher won. Insert French word for “duh.”)

Between games, Murray revealed that he wished he were the Spider-Man dancer who fell 30 feet and broke his ribs. “Workmen’s comp for life!” said Mur, ruefully.

But one suspected the hardest working middle-aged man in show biz was happy being right where he was, helping New York out of its powdery mayhem.