‘Busy Chef’ Dan Kaufman Now in Trouble With Local Sex Blogger


The last time Dan Kaufman was in the news, it was thanks to charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property stemming from his alleged theft of a friend’s credit card.

That, of course, was after Kaufman made local headlines thanks to other charges of grand larceny (and identity theft and falsification of records) for allegedly stealing credit-card numbers from patrons at the Brooklyn Heights restaurants he co-owned and managed, which included two locations of Busy Chef, an upscale prepared-foods market; Oven, a pizzeria; the Wine Bar; and Blue Pig, an ice cream parlor.

Now, Kaufman is making the Internet rounds again, but for decidedly more intimate reasons.

Earlier today, a local sex blogger who goes by the name Anonymous Slut wrote a long and very candid entry about her decidedly unsavory experiences with the man she claims is Kaufman, who she says used a few different aliases in the course of their brief relationship.

The problems started when the blogger decided to Google Kaufman (who allegedly told her his name was Daniel Kay) and found all sorts of alarming stories about his past troubles with the law. When she confronted “Dan” (who she says now goes by Daniel Katze), she says he claimed, “I’m not that person anymore,” and “admitted that when all of that happened, he had a serious cocaine habit. Power and money had corrupted him.”

But as the relationship “evolved,” problems persisted. Finally, after one too many unreturned phone calls, abandoned plans, and, most damningly, a home-cooked dinner that was “mediocre, greasy and salty,” the blogger called it a day. But not before discovering that “Dan” had allegedly stolen $40 from her wallet.

The blogger decided to name names, she writes, because she “felt it was my duty to inform those who may be swindled by this man.” If nothing else, her story certainly lends additional meaning to a former supplier’s claim that Kaufman “screwed people three ways to Sunday.”