Hangover Cures from the Pros: Grease, Sweat and Hair of the Dog


You already drink like a pro. So, you’ll want to remedy the next day’s remorse like the best of them, too. Whether it’s with a big pile of greasy carbs or a little nip of the dog that bit you, the best hangover cures come from those who give us our poison in the first place. On the 31st, you’re probably going to get your drink on. We asked several of the city’s best barkeeps how to make the pain stop on January 1. Bartenders to the rescue …

  • Guiseppe Gonzalez of Painkiller: “I’m a type 1 diabetic, so insulin makes me better.”
  • Matthew MacCartney of Tap Room: “Berocca is a good one. It’s like Vitamin Water, but it settles you out. It’s an Australian thing. And drink tons of water. Tons of water and neutral food. That’s how I would take care of it.”
  • Justin Noel of 1534: “I love Vitamin Water Rescue Green Tea. When I wake up in the morning and feel like shit, I drink that and become normal. But for the alcoholic-minded individual, you should do a shot of anything that’s agave-based, like tequila.”
  • Max Watman, author of Chasing the White Dog: “The only thing that can keep you from getting a hangover is not drinking. But that’s obviously not going to happen. I think that Kingsley Amis was right when he talked about the metaphysical hangover being the worst part of the hangover. You feel bad obviously physically, but mostly I find you feel bad psychologically. A hangover can make you feel like you’ve wasted your entire life. And one of the best ways out of that is to do something productive. Even if it’s, you know, plant your tomatoes. Get something done.”
  • Donald O’Finn of Freddy’s: “Not drinking the night before. Really, it’s all about how you drink. For a while, I thought I would cut back by just drinking beer instead of whiskey. But I always drank whiskey with a water back. So, when I switched to beer, I got worse hangovers and more drunk because I forgot about the water thing. Water is really important. And aspirin before you go to sleep.”
  • Sother Teague of Rye: “I’ve been asked this one before and I get the same response every time when I say that I’ve never had a hangover. Yeah, I have this crazy metabolism. I don’t know what it is. I never get punished. I can drink and drink and drink and the next day I’m fine. My girlfriend hates it, of course. I have to make her greasy food the next day, but I’m up and ready to go. I’ve never thrown up from drinking and I’ve never had the headaches and the bleary eyes. People always tell me that that’s lucky, but I don’t know if they’re right. Maybe it’s not lucky because I’ve never had that slap on the wrist from my own body to say, ‘Hey, cut it out.’ I mix everything, I drink everything, I get people to do it along with me, and they’re crippled the next day and miss work and I get up and go. That’s my superpower, I guess. “
  • John deBary of Ssäm Bar and PDT: “I do a lot of yoga so I don’t get hungover. I do yoga at the Bikram studio on Allen Street. I love that place. I don’t think I’d be able to bartend without it. It’s so healing — I recommend it for anyone working in service. … [Also], eggs. And vitamin B pills. I’ve read that alcohol metabolism depletes the body’s vitamin B reserves, which are essential for nerve function … why you sometimes feel shaky in Hangoverland.”
  • Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club: “Definitely an egg sandwich and ice-cold chocolate milk.”