Mike Bloomberg Extremely Cranky About Snow, Despite His Street Having Been Plowed Since Yesterday


Everyone’s mad at Mayor Bloomberg, who has the AUDACITY to have a snow-plowed street, in front of New Yorkers and God and the rest of us. Meanwhile, commuters have to walk in traffic, or hurdle the piles left at the edges of sidewalks like mountain goats, or, at the very least, like active people. At today’s press conference to address the angry snow-masses, Bloomberg had this to say:

Bloomberg’s other regrets include the fact that it may be 24 hours until the snow plows get to you. And even then, maybe not. Also regretting: sanitation workers who crush cars. Private tow operators who have been not so cooperative. And..everything, everything, everything!

Still, it could be worse: We could be trapped on a chairlift in Sugarbushloaf, stuck on an A train for 7 hours, or have fallen in a snowhole and can’t get up. Or have our preferred delivery place be closed. Chances are, only one of those things actually happened to you or someone you know.

But really, Bloomberg, with Newark’s Cory Booker running around subsisting on Advil and Diet Coke responding to Tweets personally and saving people and their babies from the cold and barren wilderness, being a cranky-crankerson will only make YOU look bad.