Reichen In a Tizzy Over Next Magazine


Feast your gaze on the gays vs. the gays.

Last week, I blogged about a zingy year-end blurb that had popped up in the gay nightlife publication Next magazine.

In it, writer Dan Avery critiqued the Logo reality show A-List: New York, saying the series consists of vapid queens who’ve done a lot of harm with their superficial antics.

Well, the show’s Reichen Lehmkuhl quickly shot back with a response to the magazine and cc’d it to me.

Wrote Reichen:

“For an editor mentioning how The A-List overshadowed the many ‘It Gets Better’ videos, it’s ironic that Dan Avery would use his own publication to spew bullying language, and call gay people ‘vapid queens’ within the same paragraph. It makes no sense.”

Avery responded to the pissed hunk that he was referring to the characters depicted on the show, not Reichen and his cohorts as private individuals. And with all those setups and all that editing, reality vs. “reality” are definitely two different things.

In the meantime, drag queen Bianca Del Rio ragged on Next at last week’s live taping of Daniel Nardicio‘s A Very Sh*tshow Xmas.

Backstage, I asked her “How can you bite the hand that feeds?”

“They never write about me,” she griped. “I wanted to do a column where I criticize drag queens’ looks. They said, ‘We want to be nice’.”

Except in the year-end issue, ba dum pum.

Anyway, I love everyone in this post and hope we can all get along in the new year. It’ll get better.