Sawyer Frye ‘Contest Video’: McDonald’s McRib Ushered Out With a Very Lame Bit of Marketing


The McRib has once again been pulled from the market as part of McDonald’s corporate marketing campaign, and the focus of the current hubbub is a supposedly amateur video made by one Sawyer Frye of Carthage, North Carolina, said to be the winner of a $10,000 contest sponsored by McDonald’s.

A cursory Google search fingers him as a member of a Christian rock band with only one member — him, and doesn’t it figure? Yet even this hit looks completely fake, though there seem to be all sorts of other people with that last name in Carthage. There’s also a Facebook page with no friends, and how sad is that?

The video is totally trite and not very interesting, depicting how a tall, angular fellow finds a McRib buried under a tree and almost eats it. The effect is to make you wonder: Is the sandwich filled with so many preservatives that it never rots? And wouldn’t anyone who found a sandwich buried under a tree not eat it? And who actually made the video, since we see the protagonist running through the forest with what appears to be some very deft professional video footage? And who’s calling him on the phone? (Answer: the marketing firm.)

His “reward” is $10,000 and a trip to Germany, where the McRib is still being sold. Frye’s video — authentic or not — is one of the lamest bits of hamburger marketing we can recall.