The Great Thundersnow of 2010: The Aftermath


Happy Tuesday! There’s still snow (lots of it) on the ground, but our ability to move about is improving. Some facts about Blizza-Palooza-Snowma-Geddon-Pocalypse, and how you’re going to get to work, or home, today:

• This goes down in the history books as the sixth largest storm to hit our fair city, and actually, it was not just a snowstorm. It was, officially, a “thundersnow.” Really. That means it snowed and thundered and lightning-ed all at the same time, so at the very least, someone deserves a mini-cupcake. Also, Thundersnow would be a good name for a cat.

• MTA service is marginally back to normal — the A, C, D, F, and G are restored. The B, Q, D, L & N remain suspended. PATH trains are still suspended. “Bus service in the region remains severely affected.” Basically: EXPECT DELAYS. Even if you’re not taking the MTA.

• The LIRR and Metro-North are both back in service, albeit with limitations.

• JFK, Newark, and La Guardia have reopened, and glory be, it seems that some planes are landing. Still it will take “days” for the airports to get back to their usual pace. We know people who are stuck in Florida til Friday!

• Amtrak service is limited in the Northeast.

• Cars and trucks and buses were stranded willy-nilly around the boroughs yesterday. Some of them, downtown, ended up being set on fire. For warmth?

• Be careful when crossing Chrystie and Delancey. The street sign there, buffeted about by 50 mph winds, could hurt someone.

• According to Con-Ed, 1,000 people in the city are still without power, and some 390 in Westchester are effected.

• Typically, people are complaining that everything (including plowing streets) has taken too long. The New York Times wants to know: Have You Been Plowed?

• And…here’s a time lapse video to remind you of how it all went down. Except, of course, watching this will take less time than living it.

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.